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About Us:

About Us Biometric Cables is located on the SIDCO Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai. Chennai is one of the Industrial and largest production center in India. The SIDCO Industrial is an undertaking of the Government of Tamilnadu, India.

Since our establishment in 2005, Biometric Cables has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of medical supplies in India. Our workforce has combined experience over 60 years in this field, highly dynamic and result oriented. With years of experience in medical supplies, we are well versed with customer’s needs and care. Our emphasis is on customer satisfaction and sustained growth In pursuit of our goals, we strive to demonstrate thoughtful leadership, provide meaningful opportunities for employees, and be a responsible member of the global and local communities in which we conduct business.

Biometric cables are guided by its original values: the commitment to product quality, efficiency and customer service. We are committed to becoming a leading supplier of the globe by offering the best in quality, product innovation and unparalleled customer service. Biometric cables are a professional supplier specialized in Ultrasound probes, SpO2 sensors, medical cables and medical accessories. Our products are used for medical OEM industry in areas of imaging, Patient monitoring, and Diagnostics, Cardiology and Electrosurgical applications. With manufacturing facilities located in Chennai, India, we are equipped with the modern equipment and we have the capability and flexibility of manufacturing in both high and low volumes. Our engineers focus on the essence of manufacturing and design engineering. At BMC, we are constantly developing new and innovative products that meet the safety and reliability on today's Quality in healthcare standards. Our main products are Ultrasound Transducers, Breathing circuits, ECG/EKG cables & Leadwire; pulse oximeter sensors & extension cables, ESU accessories, Temperature probes, NIBP cuffs and connectors.


Arun Kumar

CEO, Biometric Cables

T: +91 44 22500953 Ext: 100

Mail: arun@biometriccables.com


E Senthil Kumar

HR, Biometric Cables

T: +91 44 22500953 Ext: 103

Mail: senthilhr@biometriccables.com

Muruganandam K

Purchase Manager, Biometric Cables

T: +91 44 22500953 Ext: 102

Mail: murugan@biometriccables.com


Quality Assurance, Biometric Cables

T: +91 44 22500953 Ext: 122




Parthiban K

Design, Biometric Cables

T: +91 44 22500953 Ext: 121

Mail: parthi@biometriccables.com




MR, Biometric Cables

T: +91 44 22500953 Ext: 116

Mail: ramki@biometriccables.com





Linlith Hermon Pinto

General Manager - Sales & Marketing

T: +91 44 22500953 Ext: 101

M: +91 8939879420

Mail: pinto@biometriccables.com





Sales Assistant, Biometric Cables

T: +91 44 22500953 Ext: 102

M: +91 8939879419

Mail: santosh@biometriccables.com



Anjum Farook

Sales Coordinator, Biometric Cables

T: +91 44 22500953 Ext: 118

Mail: anjum@biometriccables.com



Sudha Nandhini

Sales Coordinator, Biometric Cables

T: +91 44 22500953 Ext:120

Mail: sales1@biometriccables.com



Tarun Bar

Sales Assistant, Biometric Cables Eastern Region, India

M: +91 8670308584

Mail: east@biometriccables.com




Sales Assistant, Biometric Cables Southern Region, India

M: +91 9854619272

Mail: north-east@biometriccables.com




P Marimuthu

Production manager, Biometric Cables

T: +91 44 22500953 Ext: 110

Mail: mari@biometriccables.com


Muruganantham S

Production Ultrasound, Biometric Cables

T: +91 44 22500953 Ext: 125

Mail: muruganusp@biometricca





Production (Moulding), Biometric Cables

T: +91 44 22500953 Ext: 123

Mail: prabu@biometriccables.com



Siva Kumar T

Production (ECG), Biometric Cables

T: +91 44 22500953 Ext: 113



Production (Service), Biometric Cables

T: +91 44 22500953 Ext: 115





Stores Manager, Biometric Cables

T: +91 44 22500953 Ext: 108



Web Developer, Biometric Cables

   Mail: ddurai@gmail.com










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