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For many years BMC has been manufacturing high quality medical equipment accessories for healthcare providers around the world. BMC also offers several value added services to help meet our customers' need to save money without sacrificing quality. Highly trained technicians will apply their skills and knowledge to everything that they do. Our biggest concern is gaining the trust and respect of our customers and we would appreciate the opportunity to earn yours.

  • Ultrasound transducer services: BMC has the tools and expertise to repair ultrasound transducers in-house, allowing us to provide you with the broadest repair capability, highest quality, lowest cost and the fastest turnaround time in the industry. We specialize in the repair of high-value transducers
  • SpO2 Sensor & Cable Repair. Got broken probes? We've got your solution.
  • ECG Cable Repair. A unique service designed to save you even more money.
  • OEM Services. If you're a device manufacturer, let our extensive knowledge of patient interconnect systems work for you.

From project management, product design and engineering, to testing, manufacturing and managed inventory programs, BMC provides a wide and impressive set of services and capabilities to meet your needs. Our in-house Testing Services can assist with design validation and verification.


Smiley faceBiometric Cables not only handles wire gauges commonly used in medical interconnect systems, but also processes stranded wire to 48 gauge.  48 gauge conductors allow very small diameter cable assemblies to be constructed for specialized medical applications.

We assemble and manufacture over 1500 products with highly motivated and skilled technicians. We constantly improve upon our processes and update upon the technological needs for the same.


Smiley faceOur Molding Unit can handle


Part and Tool Design

Precision Insert Molding

Custom Connector Design

Electronic Encapsulation

Injection Molding



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Our in-house test lab can help qualify your products according to predetermined specifications and requirements including ANSI/AAMI EC53 and IEC 60601 standards.  Our goal is to help you launch your product on time.

Custom Solution & Services:

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By implementing unique and efficient manufacturing processes, BMC has established manufacturing Custom OEM solutions and services. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience to your needs.  Whether you need standard or custom-developed products, the BMC Custom Solutions team can help.




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